Picture of lady wearing st Mungo's vest holding a dog
Man in a green jumper staring lovingly at the dog in his arms

St Mungo’s is one of the leading homelessness charities to accept pets into our hostels, reducing barriers for someone to come off the streets. A dog can often feel like the only companion for someone sleeping rough. They provide solace and comfort during what can be an extremely difficult time. We recognise the powerful emotional support a dog can provide.

Real life stories

Picture of Charrissa and Benjie

Charrissa and Benjie

A local outreach team took Charrissa and her dog, Benjie, to No Second Night Out, a centre where St Mungo’s assess people who are homeless for the first time and find the best place for them to go. St Mungo’s was able to find a hostel for Charrissa to move into that accepted pets.

Mel and Luna

Mel manages The Men’s Crisis House and The Sanctuary based in Bristol. She talks to us about how her dog, Luna, helps clients at The Crisis House: “When I bring in Luna it changes the relationship between staff and clients. She creates a different focus – something to form a connection around”.

Photo of Mel and Luna looking towards the camera
Photo of Paul and Treacle looking towards the camera

Paul and Treacle

Paul illustrates his powerful emotional connection with Treacle: “She gives me something to focus on. She needs looking after, so it keeps me focussed. Otherwise I’d just be roaming around living in doorways. Gave me a kick up the butt to get myself sorted. It doesn’t matter where we’ve been, whether we’ve been living in a tent or in a doorway. So long as she’s with me, she’s happy”.